After 105 days of lock-down we are finally reopening the tap room. When I say opening the tap room, what we really mean is ‘the outside area’.

From 12.00 on the 4th July we will be open to the public to drink on the premises again. We will also retain the take away and delivery service given that many people are still shielding and taking precautions.
We will be operating table service only, so when you arrive find yourself (or you little bubble team) a space at least a metre from another person.
Go to Facebook and open the Boat Lane Brewery page. @boatlanebrewery. You will see a nice big blue button ‘Shop Now’. Click on it and chose your delectations. It’s very easy to use, you can have a little practice this week before lock down ends.
We will then deliver your selection to you at your table. Our tables will all have numbers, but if you are in a gap then just tell us where you are – we are good at hide and seek.
You will pay for your drinks when we deliver them – we are happy to take cash or cards. Please be nice to the service staff (I don’t want them spitting in your beer! :0) we will not be doing tabs at this stage, cashflow is king after 3 months of lockdown.
The trickier bit – what happens if you need to let out some beer the other end (or drop the kids off at the pool?) The loos are inside and will be operating a strict one way system, please come into the brewery via the normal back door. Sanitise your hands (there are loads of dispensers around for your use). Wait by the tractor before entering the ‘loo corridor’. When you are confident the loo is free, pop in and relieve your needs, use soap and wash your hands, and DRY them on one of the single use hand towels. Come out and exit the building via the side door (you can sanitise your hands again if you feel you need to).
Enjoy more beer. Repeat. We can’t wait to see you all again. No hugs no kisses.
You are all grownups, or at least in age you are, so stay 1M or more apart from people who are not in your safety bubble. If you don’t you will be asked to leave. Please help us, to help all of us, stay safe – and drink scrummy beer again.
If you only want take away please go to the bar, observe the 2M distancing signs to buy and collect your beverage. Better safe than sorry.
We are not doing table bookings at this stage – that may have to change in the future. So, when you arrive pick a table/chairs. You are welcome to bring your own deck chairs if you want, raincoats, umbrellas and rugs (this is the British summer after all).
All drinks will be brought to you in eco-friendly disposable glasses / cups. Please place these in the bins provided so that our team don’t have to touch them and risk contamination. It also means no glass outside to prevent little accidents.
We are looking forward to seeing you on the 4th July (No longer independence day – now renamed indapubandance day). Call, text or email if you have any queries – we are all learning the new ‘normal’ together. It will no doubt evolve.
Love Liz and Ian & the BLB Crew.





Owner, Brewer and Chief Taster extraordinaire


Top Dad,  beer quality control taster and beer bottle labeler, recycling activist and GDB.


Athletic, gazelle like, brewing volunteer, beer designer and chief taster


Apprentice Brewer, expanding his beer knowledge and living the dream in Australia.


SOS Bar Volunteer, ukulele minstrel, and a jolly lovely chap, who knows his beers.


Seed fund investor, (mostly) silent partner, and retired.


General Manager and chief sorter-outer of stuff that needs organising


Seed fund investor and setting a great  example in how to grow old as disgracefully as possible!


Chief Chaos Creators and expert biscuit tasters.


The boys (or should that be buoys) next door. A&J Carpentry and jolly useful chaps to know!


Mad Man Cave Inventor - come into the tap room to see his new lock down creations (also Beer Volume Control Expert)


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We love variety and amazing flavour and try new recipes on a weekly basis. Our stock changes with the season and availability of ingredients, with over 80 individual beer recipes, we always promise something delicious.

At the Brewery Tap (Bar) We usually have at least eight of our ales on draft, and we sell a large variety of our hand-crafted brews in bottles to drink on the premises or take home for a tipple later.



Boat Lane Brewery, unit 3 Streamside, Boat Lane, Offenham.
Worcestershire. WR11 8RS.

call us to discuss private bookings and events 01386719558


Boat Lane Brewery, unit 3 Streamside, Boat Lane, Offenham.
Worcestershire. WR11 8RS.

call us to discuss private bookings and events 01386719558

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